Frequently Asked Questions

I am a vegetarian / vegan. Can I still use your diet?
For most vegetarians, the diet found in my book can be followed, though it's more difficult than if you're an omnivore like me!

For vegans, the same isn't true. That's because the diet is based largely around an entirely different approach to food than seen in "normal" western society, including veganism. To be honest, it's not compatible with being vegan, but I think it's still worth it for you to purchase the book if you're vegan for a few reasons:

1. The new perspective on the disease process will help you understand how your eating choices affect your pain, and with this new knowledge, you may decide that being vegan isn't appropriate if you want to become healthier.

2. Even if you decide to stick with being vegan for moral reasons (commendable and a choice I respect), there is TONS of other information in the book you can put to good use that will help you heal and make your condition more manageable. It's not just diet found in the book — it's everything else, too.

3. If it doesn't help, let me know, and I'll give you your money back plus 200% more for wasting your time. I just want the readers of my book to get well as I have.
Is your diet the elimination of nightshades?
Quite simply, no.
I have a gastrointestinal disease (Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, etc.) Can I still use your book and diet?
You may not know that many people with Ankylosing Spondylitis also suffer from a gastrointestinal disorder. I talk more about this in my book, and why the two can be related, and how your gastrointestinal health is actually an important part of healing A.S.

So, in short, yes, absolutely! The specifics of how you use the book is up to you and your doctor, but I believe much of the information found in my book is relevant for the treatment of not just Ankylosing Spondylitis, but also gastrointestinal disorders. You'll get even MORE value out of the book if you have one of these conditions!

But as always, check with your doctor first to get their approval with ANY major change.
I have permanent fusion / damage. Can the information in your book repair that damage?
Unfortunately, no. Damage to joints caused by Ankylosing Spondylitis is permanent and can't be repaired by changes in diet. Even if all inflammation is eliminated from your body, the damage will remain and if it's the source of some pain for you, will continue to cause that pain. However, the information in my book will help you eliminate pain that results from inflammation — or 3x your money back.
How is your book delivered? When will I receive it after I order?
You have two choices for how the book is delivered.
  1. $39 – Digital Email Delivery. I'll send a digital version of the book, cookbook, audiobook and videos right to your email in 1 day. You won't receive a printed copy. This is the best option if you want to receive your book as quickly as possible to start healing.

  2. $79 + FREE Worldwide Shipping – Physical Book / DVD Delivery. Choose this option, and I'll send you a physical book + cookbook and a real DVD, plus audiobook by email. Delivery takes 1-3 weeks anywhere in the world. This is the best option if you want a hard copy to give as a gift or if you just prefer "the real thing."
What are your credentials?
I'm not a doctor, nurse, dietician, or any other sort of health care practitioner. But I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Why is that important?

Because I've always maintained a very healthy and active lifestyle, when I was diagnosed with AS, I was devastated. I decided, then and there in the doctor's office, that their prognosis (unending pain and progression of the disease) was completely and totally unacceptable, and I made it my personal mission over the next several months after my diagnosis to find a way to live free of this terrible disease.

I'm a voracious reader and learner, and I absolutely devoured information about this condition. And then I applied it to my own body to see what worked and what didn't, and shared that with you, all referenced with the studies that support my thinking and experience.
Why hasn't my doctor told me that diet can help my AS?
Doctors depend on scientific data and studies, and that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, because pharmaceutical firms are often the sponsors of the studies doctors use to suggest treatment options, studies that won't yield a monetary benefit to a pharmaceutical company usually can't raise the required funding.

And if there are only a few "controlled" studies to support a theory (even if plenty of evidence outside of those "controlled" studies supports it), then a doctor may not be exposed to the information. And if they have been, for liability reasons a doctor usually won't suggest anything besides the "accepted" treatment options for a certain condition.
How hard is the diet to follow?
From a practical standpoint, the diet is fairly easy to follow. I have yet to find a restaurant where I couldn't find something to eat, and because of a simple test you can do anywhere, you can always tell if something meets your dietary restrictions even if you don't know what it is.

The hard part is that as people we use food for comfort and as a way to bond. The role food plays in your life and relationships — and the kind of food you normally eat — will have an impact on how easy it is to follow the diet.

For me, at first it was hard because I had to give up certain "comfort" foods. But once I learned how to find or make alternatives, I found there was very little that I truly missed. There's a learning curve, but the relief from incredible pain and discomfort is worth it.
Does the diet work for everyone?
That's a difficult question to answer and it depends on a lot of factors. The short answer is that while it works for many, many people, it won't work for everyone.

That's part of the reason why I offer a 100% 3x money back guarantee with my book. I know what it's like to have massive medical bills. If the book and diet doesn't work for you, I don't want you to have to come out of pocket like you did for everything else that didn't work.

Also keep in mind that there's quite a bit of information in the book OTHER than the diet related information which makes a substantial difference.
How long will the diet take to start working?
That really depends on a lot of factors. For many people, the diet works in just weeks. How long the diet takes to work for you will depend on many, many factors, and there's just no hard and fast answer to this question.

That's why the 100% pain free guarantee I offer is also for 90 days: even though most people will begin to feel better right away, some people have long-standing AS that takes longer to begin to heal.
Is the diet healthy and safe?
I am not a dietician, so I'm not qualified to answer this question from the standpoint of medical or health advice.

However, not as medical advice, but purely in my opinion, it's healthier and safer than your "normal" diet because it's more in line with the fundamental dietary needs of humans. You'll keep eating all the important food types that deliver the nutrients you need to be healthy and fit and eliminate food that's bad for you in every way, including your AS.

And, as an added bonus, almost everyone on this diet loses weight and keeps it off forever!

But, as always, if you have specific health conditions, are pregnant, etc. please be sure to check with your doctor or qualified health professional first.
Can I still continue my other treatment options while on the diet?
Yes, you can. That said, you may decide based on some information you'll learn in the book that your current treatment plan may not be helping and that you can heal more effectively without it. That's a choice you can make once you have all the facts.

What's even better, though, is that many readers find they feel so good on the diet they don't need any other treatment.
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